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Keri Setaro's Yoga Page. Keri Setaro is a New York based Yoga teacher and an all around bad ass ;)

This is what my students have to say about me

Jumping for joy in Costa Rica

Jumping for joy in Costa Rica

My time practicing with Keri has truly been life changing.

I luckily stumbled into her class last September and instantly knew that she was my kind of teacher. Keri always says, "I'm serious about yoga, but not serious." Her approach to the practice is heartfelt, yet refreshing. I can honestly say that she completely changed my perception of yoga teachers and lit a fire inside of me to deepen my own practice, while having fun of course! Shortly after meeting Keri, I started taking private lessons with her and still do to this day. Through her encouragement and guidance I have blossomed into a confident and eager yoga student and am currently working towards my 200 hour teacher training. Keri is my friend, my mentor and best of all, the lady that made me fall in love with yoga. I will be forever grateful.

Rachel V

S tand Up Paddle Board or SUP

Stand Up Paddle Board or SUP

Rachel and I in Ardha Chandrasana in Jaco

Rachel and I in Ardha Chandrasana in Jaco

Keri and Emily taking our moves to the streets :)

Keri and Emily taking our moves to the streets :)

I can't overstate how much I love Keri. I don't think I could even go to yoga if she wasn't teaching, I've become so obsessed with her classes.

She's funny and inspirational and gives lots of individual attention to everyone and plays amazing music. (I'm always downloading albums on her recommendation.) The talks she gives at the beginning of class always sync perfectly with something I'm dealing with in my life and I walk out feeling like I have so much more perspective about that issue. And physically, she's the perfect balance: she helps me achieve more when I'm feeling lazy, but she never pushes me too hard when a pose is above my level. When I got pregnant, she gave me individual suggestions, helping me adjust my poses accordingly. My husband has often observed that I'm in a great mood whenever I get back from yoga, and it's true. I highly recommend her class.

Melissa M

It is almost impossible to know where to begin when it comes to singing Keri's praises as a teacher  (and human being). 

No matter what level of yoga you are at, she makes you feel as though you absolutely belong on a mat—regardless if you are a master yogi or if you can't touch your toes. She's encouraging and inspiring. You'll find yourself pushing on and advancing through her careful teachings  and—perhaps most importantly—she makes practice fun. There's no judgement or preaching, just warm instruction and the best f'n musical playlist you could ever hope to hear.

Be ready to leave class feeling great and wanting more. 

Sara V


Making some adjustments is Savasana

Making some adjustments is Savasana


Keri is a wonderful and accessible yoga teacher.  

For the past 6 years or so, I've been trying to get my body (and mind) into better alignment, unlearning old habits and holding patterns so I can better move as one without pain, rather than continuing to work around my limitations... it was all getting a little stale, and late last year I came across Keri, subbing for another teacher.  
She was a breath of fresh air.  
Keri makes it easy and fun to keep this stuff up- I'm going to her classes a couple of times a week now.  Plus which, her music is (at times) totally in synch with my sensibilities, which is an added bonus of no small importance (and a good hook to describe what she does so well). Just as some of the songs she plays during class are new covers of familiar works, engaging and a little surprising-(they let you hear what you've already heard, but in a different voice, and all of a sudden you're hearing it more fully, getting to understand it a little better), Keri does the hard work and goes out there into the more arcane reaches of the yoga world, bringing back the good stuff for rest of us, in usable doses, and with humor.  I'm sure there are plenty of other yoga teachers that do the same sort of thing in a similar way, but this is her testimonial, and she's the only one like her I know, so there you go.  

Peter R


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