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serious about yoga but not serious


Keri Setaro's Yoga Page. Keri Setaro is a New York based Yoga teacher and an all around bad ass ;)

I teach a vinyasa based class that focuses on accessibility for all and a super healthy dose of humor. My mentors and teachers are from a wide variety of styles and I draw from all of them while leaning strongly on alignment and a classic asthanga flair :) 

I primarily teach at Area Yoga and Yogaworks, but sub all over Brooklyn and teach workshops and retreats all over the US and Internationally. I also created and co-lead the TATTVA 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training.

My yoga privates are what I would call Inner Yoga and Outer Yoga with a bit of yoga therapy. I blend classic yogic dharmic teachings to help bring some light and clarity to your journey off the mat and then use physical asana to break through both physical and emotional blocks. I specialize in yoga and meditation techniques that help alleviate anxiety and depression and my private yoga sessions are customized to each students physical and emotional needs.

I also teach yoga workshops all over the world on topics that include, yoga for anxiety and depression, meditation and mindfulness for all levels and specialized asana workshops that are suitable for all levels. I pride myself in making yoga accessible to everyone, not just those who eat kale and wear fancy yoga clothes:)

My schedule at Area Yoga can be found HERE and at Yogaworks HERE and HERE


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